Film und Kneipe im ZAKK am 7.12.!

Am 7.12.17 laden wir ein zum Tresen und Film ins ZAKK im Sielpfad.
Kommt gerne rum! Um 21 Uhr geht es los.
Zusehen gibt es den Film „A people uncounted“. Der Film ist in Originalsprache mit englischen Untertitel.
Außerdem wird es leckere Special-Shots geben!

Wir freuen uns auf euch!

Noch weitere Infos zum Film:

Film: A people uncounted – The untold story of roma

“Journey into the world of the Roma – a people who through the ages have been romanticized and vilified in popular culture,politics and art, and who have endured centuries of intolerance and persecution. Visiting 11 countries and interviewing dozens of Roma artists, historians, musicians and Holocaust survivors, this revealing film documents their culturally rich but often difficult lives, taking us back to ancient times and forward to the little-known story of Roma genocide at the hands of Nazis during World War 2.
As we watch the incredible story of the Roma unfold, both the people and their history come to life through the interplay of their evocative music and poetry, interwoven with the true stories told by the survivors of the camps. With intolerance towards the Roma on the rise in Europe, A people Uncounted reminds us that ethnic minorities all too often fallprey to racism and genocide”.

Sprachen: Englisch, Deutsch, Russisch, Rumänisch, Ungarisch, Tschechisch (mit englischen Untertiteln)

Dauer: 99 Minuten